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DIY sweatshirt

i got this two tone sweatshirt for a couple of quid in a sale bin but have never worn it because of the colour.
1. so i bought some machine dye

2. it came out great but i didn’t like the white stitching around the neck.

3. so i unpicked it.


4. et voila! possibly the easiest DIY ever.



at the moment i like its simplicity but i might add some leather details. what do you think?

festive touch

some sparkly earrings at a festive touch to the otherwise practical outfit needed for last minute Christmas errands..





jeans H&M, jumper Primark boys, sneakers Nike, earrings ArtiZanna/DIY


i’ve just discovered that oatmeal (or fine oats) works really well as a cheap and effective suede cleaner. just rub on with your fingers. it will leave some white residue which you then brush off.
i haven’t tried the oatmeal on darker suedes but i certainly think it does wonders on lighter colours like my Maje boots which were in desperate need of a clean.



sequin season

as party season begins, i am lusting after sequins. next diy please.



images styleheroine

diy Philip Lim diy

i diy-ed this bag a while ago but haven’t used it much. so i thought i’d try again with this inspo in mind…


1. i removed the straps.


2. attached velcro strips.


3. cut a leather rectangle in contrasting colour.


4. attached leather handle. et voila!



outing my renewed jeans. enjoying the white jeans vibe, but with an edge.

jumper Primark, diy jeans, boots H&M, Bag M&S, nameplate necklace Vintage, sunglasses Ray-Ban

red white and blue

i made this coat using a quilt i bought in when i was eighteen. i kind of love it, despite it’s impractical bedding like features and heavy weight. appropriate colours too for this day of relief. good job guys.



jeans Oasis, top Something Else (from Hub, shoes Zara, coat ArtiZanna

diy fireworks

5th November… sparklers, fireworks, bonfires, parkin. tired of my old indigo jeans i left them in a bucket of bleach over the weekend. i didn’t expect the neon pink at all, which bleeds blue to white, but the result seems fitting for bonfire night.

customised old jeans from Oasis

cozy camel

i recently customized this cozy cashmere coat. the addition of a zip has immediately updated it; thus = my coverup of choice.




coat diy vintage, trousers Agnes b, jumper M&S, shoes Office, clutch Oasis

wax jacket diy

wax jacket diy

i really loved my new waxed oversized biker jacket. but there was a problem; the dye was marking my clothes…. so i had to wash it, thus reducing the waxiness which had induced its very purchase. problem solved with an application of the classic Barbour wax (and i rewaxed my classic barbour style coat while i was at it). score.

Mango biker jacket, Barbour Thornproof Dressing.